Welcome to Alisoun’s travel blog!

Welcome to Alisoun’s travel blog!

I will be posting progress reports and photos of the unfolding of my 2010 tall ship adventure in the Adriatic Sea.  If you would like to, please check in from time to time over the summer, to read about the latest developments.

When I update, I will also be sending a reminder email to those who are interested.  If you’d like to receive these updates, please email me with “add me” in the subject line and you will be included in the update list.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you enjoy the blog!


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1 Response to Welcome to Alisoun’s travel blog!

  1. Robyn (mum) says:

    I got back from my 6 day camp at Gavin Lake northwest of 150 Mile House and went onto your website to get some up-to-date info, but have found nothing posted. So I need to do something different, or have you just not posted anything on your travel blog in the last week? I did get an email from you regarding the results of your 32 auctions, but nothing on your travel blog. I would love to hear how your journey is going. I had a great camp, with lots of learning about soils, ecology, badgers/spadefoot toads, ants, fishers, plus some great birding trips. I really enjoyed the people there, plus canoeing on the lake, great food and the passionate resource people we heard from. The weather was quite changeable – showers, some heavy rain at times for a short period, sun, a frost one night and generally cloudy conditions, but it was all quite manageable.
    Today, back at home, I mowed my lawn, which had grown considerably with all the rain and warmth, did some weedeating, washed the clothes I had taken on my trip, then headed out to check my “bluebird” trail, which actually consists of 4 active swallows nests. It was disturbing to find a dead female swallow sitting on her eggs in one nest. I have put her in a plastic bag in my freezer to see if someone can determine why she died. Then I bought groceries and came home.
    Do keep in touch – lots of love, mum.

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