Silent Online Auction

The auction is now closed… thank you for your support 🙂

From June-Oct. 2010, Alisoun will be performing aerial silk on a tall ship in the Adriatic Sea with the Caravan Stage Co.  This unique Canadian company writes and produces original work on the deck and from the rigging of their 32 metre performance barge, the “Amara Zee”.  All performers and crew aboard this magical vessel work in exchange for room and board, and the nominal earnings produced by the shows, gaining instead of money, a richness of experience.  For more information on this remarkable company, please go their website at:

The 2010 tour includes Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Northern Italy.  Afterwards, Alisoun hopes to spend a month of reconnaissance to establish performance and collaborative relationships throughout Europe.  In order to support this amazing journey, I have undertaken a number of fundraising initiatives.  Presently, I am running an online silent auction, which I would love you to check out and participate in.  All proceeds from the auction go towards realizing these goals.

If you’d like to check out the vast array of goods and services available from Kamloops to California, with bids beginning at just $10.00, please go to the auction site:

Go to

Auction ID: AlisounsFundraiser
Password: tall ship

Bidding will close on May 30th, 2010

This is meant to be a fun event, to try to outbid your fellow bidder, with the chance of gaining a beautiful gift or service for potentially lower than market cost.  Please have fun bidding on these fabulous items and services!

Private donations are also welcome, and can be made through a secure PayPal account. Consider making even a $5.00 donation.

Alisoun would like to thank the generous donations of her supportive and talented friends 🙂

Thanks for your support!

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